Biking across a bridge in Toyooka

It is really foggy here in Toyooka.

It is really foggy here in Toyooka.


Email Nov 3, 2014

Monday, November 03, 2014 12:37 AM


You asked about my companion and the area. Porter shimai is awesome! she loves the outdoors and is a hard worker. She just had her birthday this week and turned 21. She went to suu. She is from lindon but her family moved to idaho a few months ago. She has been in Japan for a year so she returns to america in feb. she actually served in sumoto from june to aug. So that has been fun to talk about.  Toyooka is a small branch. About 30 people come to church every week. It is very country side but very beautiful.

This week is going to be short again. I am sorry about that. We had a crazy day. We went to a festival with some members. We got a call from an unknown number. a member from sumoto heard we were companions and drove all the way up here to see us. So we had to hurry back and talk with her. So email time is short again. Sorry. It was really good to see her and  good to talk to her again. We made plans for when i come back with the family. She is going to make other plans with  member there for us so that was nice.

This week was porter shimais birthday. I made her breakfast and a cake out of tim tams. The elders got decorations and left them at the church. We went for ice cream and dinner with a less active so that was really fun.

This week was really good. I have almost met all of the investigators now. We have been running around a lot which has been nice.  This week we taught a  less active. I have now taught her 4 times. Her husband is not a member and just sits to the side and will sometimes listen but not really participate. So this last lesson i decided i was going to sit by him and share my scriptures with him. He said he could not see. I said that is ok and just kept them there. He actually tried reading them and participating a little more. So that was exciting. We will see how it goes this  next week.

We taught an investigator about eternal life and why we need baptism on saturday. It was such a good lesson. Eternal life is hard for her to imagine. It is hard for us all i think. Never ending happiness (mosiah 2:41) is hard to imagine. But i thought we should all try a little harder. So during the lesson i had us all draw our image of what we think it will be like. As we explained each one i think she started to picture it. She said she wants it really bad and at the end prayed that she would be able to obtain it. So that was awesome. We extended a baptism invitation to her and she said yes! her date is December 21. She was really excited about it when she left. It was awesome to see!

This week we had district conference (stake conferences for the areas that are not stakes). We went to fukuchiyama on saturday and nishiwaki on sunday. Luckily the members were able to drive us so that was nice. I was able to really get to know them better. It took about 1.5 hours to fukuchiyama and 2 hours to nishiwaki. So we had a lot of talking time. Sometimes i am like you mom. I think all that time what am i going to say. I remember you always said that before the missionaries came over for dinner. Then i thought maybe the members are thinking that too. But it turned out great. We were able to really get to know each other. I guess they did not realize how little time i had here. Kaicho stood up and had all the returning missionaries stand up in front of everyone. I guess they all were surprised when I stood up. Kaicho also chose two people from the pulpit to come testify. There were about 6-7 returning missionaries there he could have chosen from. And yup he chose me and then Gomez shimai to come up to testify. It was really cool to be there and to testify with her. We also all stood up and said the missionary purpose together. The spirit was so strong. That meeting created a lot of unity with us and the members. It was really cool to be a part of!

Unfortunately we had a lesson with someone but had to cancel on sunday because we were going to be late. The members needed to stay for another meeting. It was with another investigator we were going to invite to get baptized. The meeting ended up getting canceled so we called to try to tell her we can do it again but she had something going on then. So hopefully this week we can extend another baptismal invitations.

This week we taught a few recent converts. It is always fun to teach them and see how they have grown. In one lesson we taught how to study more effectively (pmg chpt 2). I picked a few more things in that chapter to try to make my study even more effective.

I love this area and the members here. I love serving my Savior and helping others learn more about it. I cant even express the joy i feel when i see one of the people we are teaching start to get excited about the gospel. It is the coolest experience i have ever had!

I hope you all have a great week!

Happy birthday to karissa today (in japan)

And a special happy birthday to mom! i hope it is a great day!

I love you all!


shelton shimai

The member from Sumoto and I in ToyookaThe member from Sumoto and I in Toyooka

Email Oct 27, 2014 New assignment in Toyooka

Monday, October 27, 2014 1:58 AM
First of all I unfortunately do not have a lot of time to email today. I am sorry this is going to be short. But i will highlight a few things for you. I had a lot of people from kakogawa email me this week so i spend a lot of time reading and replying to them.
First of all. Leaving Kakogawa was very hard but it was a very special experience. It is always nice to see those you have touched when you transfer. This time it was really cool. We had a lot of people play instruments and give us farewell concerts. So many talents! I have videos of those who allowed me too. So you can all watch them soon.
Our first part of the week was spent sending meeting everyone we could and trying to meet up with the Elders schedule so they could meet them and start building some relationships. I cannot even tell you how many miracles we saw as things worked out where they could come. It was really cool. A lot of our stronger potential investigators and investigators were able to make really good relationships with the  Elders so that was good. We made food with a recent convert on Wednesday and that was a lot of fun. It has been so fun to see her grow. She is now taking over and trying to strengthen the other recent converts. She was one the phone doing so during part of the dinner. It was amazing to see how so many things can happen in 6 months. When i first got to kakogawa she was trying to decide which church was true. Hers or this church. And now she is becoming a power house. It was awesome to watch the transformation!
Now toyooka. It is beautiful here. Really. We have a lot of amazing investigators so i am excited about that. My companions name is actually mariah porter. (think i got that wrong in the last email) we get a long really well.
I will end by telling one story.
On Saturday night we had a lesson with a 16 year old investigator. She has only heard the God lesson. But she is really interested in Prayer. So we taught her prayer. We were in a contact that went late and ran to the church. Porter shimai could not find the key to the church. It was dark and a little cold. We ended up deciding to have the lesson on the steps of the church. She had a flashlight that we used to see and teach the lesson with. We commented about how it felt like girls camp. We were all gathered around the fire (flashlight) testifying about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly amazing! She was so excited to pray. She prayed and half way through she stopped. She was very nervous and said she did not know how to express her heart to him. We told her to take a few minutes and think about what she is going to pray about and then she can pray. She did and it was amazing. It was very simple but you could tell she really meant it. She prayed about being able to meet us and to have help as she continues to learn more. IT was truly amazing. We gave her a soft baptism invite and she said yes right away. Now we need to pray about a date and extend that to her. We also need to talk to her mom. So we are making a plan for that. This area is awesome and I know we will see so many miracles.
Sunday i got to meet kakogawas bishops wifes convert when she went on a mission. The convert is so strong and taught relief society. it was really cool to see!
I hope you all have a great week! here are some pictures!
shelton shimai