Email Nov 16, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014 8:42 PM
today we have to go to kobe because we have a conference tomorrow. We are going to see takeda jo on the way so we dont have much time to email. The branch also stole my sd card for the week so no pictures this week sorry. I have a old one for todays pictures. They are planning to do a slide show of my pictures and a surpise party on my last sunday. They are so nice. Yes ranae i even find out stuff when people speak a different language.  they just cant surprise me. But i am practicing my surprise face dont worry.
This week was good. We had a lot of lessons that got canceled and some of investigators got really busy and did not read. But some of them still made time for a  lesson so that was good. Misa chan,a less active,started progressing this week. She even came to seminary! The teacher asked who would like to share a spiritual thought and her hand shot up. She told us that her nonmember mom told her to go to seminary. So that was cool to hear about!I feel we were able to build better relations with her.
We had another cool experience with another less active. We visited her last week and made an appointment to come introduce ourselves this week. It went really well. At first we just talked and got to know her. Then she sent into the gospel topics herself and told us how she felt so good after her baptism that she could not help but say hello to everyone. She said when she would come to church she would feel the same way. But then when she would come home she did not feel that good feeling. It would go away. She said it was hard to come home after feeling so good and not to feel that.  She told us that talking to us she could feel it again. She connected it herself the the spirit. We were able to make another appointment for next week. Hopefully we can get her to feel the spirit on her own soon. So she can do things to feel that good feeling when she comes home from church.
We met a great person housing. She has a lot of interest and we are going to teach her on wednesday. We spent about 40 minutes talking to her and testifying about gopsel principles when it would come up. She believes in God which is good. Her image of God is a little different but she has a lot of potential we are excited for that.
Our investigator who is preparing for baptism is progressing really well. We asked her if she believes in Heavenly Father and she said yes. We asked her why and she said when she thinks about it, it just feels good. So she believes it. When she tells us about her prayers she just has the biggest smile on her face. It is so cool to see. She prays everyday before she goes to sleep and she says everytime she prays she feels good. She went to visit her family in Kyoto this weekend and because of train times she was not able to make it back for church. But it was good that she tried to come. I think she will be able to come this next week. We taught her faith this week and she really liked it. It is really cool to teach her and see her get excited about the gospel.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
if you have any questions about the trip or need my attention next week put them in caps or something. A member wants to take us out so i dont know how much time i will have! sorry this transfer has been quick emails but i will catch you all up soon enough! Love you!
shelton shimai

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