Email Oct 19, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014 9:35 PM
Yup that is right. I am transferring for my last transfer in Japan. I am kind of sad about it. But that is ok. There are people who need me in Toyooka japan so that is exciting. I will be in the same zone as gomez shimai so she gave me an update of what it is like. Apparently it is a really really small branch and is a lot like sumoto. So i am excited to work with that. I hope i can really help them. My new companion is Sister Stephanie Porter. So there you go. She is a transfer below me so we should have a lot of fun. I am excited for it. 

On monday we had a big typhoon. It started to really rain and the wind blew hard in the late afternoon. So that was crazy. But we were still able to go out and house for about 2 hours. Then Current shimai was not feeling well so we went home. It was really fun to do work in the rain and wind. I swear storms make people happier and talk to you more when they see just how important the message is to us. It was fun.
Tuesday we had Eikaiwa. It was really fun. I gave everyone a war head. Unfortunatley i cannot upload the videos so we will just have to watch them when i get back. They all thought it would be really sweet since most candy they have tried have been sweet. It was really fun to watch their different reactions. Afterward bishop brought i need thee every hour to me in english and started to just sing. So i jumped in with him and we sang it in english. It was really cool. he had a few questions on the english in it so i answered them. Bishop is seriously hilarious so that was really fun. I am really going to miss him. He is seriously one of the most amazing bishops.
Wednesday we had a lunch with Satomi shimai her daughter eri shimai and hakucho shimai. They wanted us to be able to see each other one last time before transfers as we were pretty sure one of us would be leaving. It was really fun. We ate oden (not something i will have you all try but it is ok) and a really good mixture of rice and other things. We were able to just talk during lunch. After we taught a lesson. We taught her about how she can feel the blessing she had at baptism all the time. We asked her to write down her feelings and memories about her baptism and when she has a hard time to go back and read that. So hopefully that helps her. One thing i am very grateful for is how the ward has stepped in and taken care of her. I know that even though both of us are leaving and Kakogawa doesnt have sister anymore that the ward will continue to take care of her and do all they can. I love this ward soooooooo much!
Ok so the elders broke their phone on monday. They went out in the typhoon as well and their raincoat is not as waterproof as they thought. So ya it was a tough week for them. Anyway they needed to use our phone so we met at the church so they could use it for a little while. Come to find out an investigator that gomez shimai and I found in Sumoto decided he wanted to get baptized on Sunday and so they elders there needed him to come do an interview. So that was really exciting. I got the hear how it all went and the story so fast. It was a great tender mercy. So yes Hayashida got baptized yesterday! I am so excited about it. He was the one that we met in January and then ran into him while housing in march. We talked to him on his porch for 1 hour. He had met with missionaries when he was in his 20s in tokyo. he has a lot of questions but did not want to meet with missionaries again. A lot of those questions came up. All about the plan of salvation and the spirit. I bore testimony of my experience with Grandma Shelton and how i know i will see her again. Then Gomez shimai came in and told him to just meet with us one time and we will answer all of his questions and then if he wants to continue we can but if not that is ok. He agreed. And after that lesson he started to meet with us. It was hard to get members and we felt the Elders should teach them so we slowly handed him off to the elders. And now he is baptized! His faith has grown so much and he has come such a far way! I am so happy!
Friday was my last district meeting in akashi. We just talked a lot about planning. It is always fun to hear how others plan and try to incorporate new ideas and things. After district meeting tachibana shimai called the sumoto elders and they just gave me the phone. It was crazy to talk to her again. It was really good. I hope she has some time off so we can meeet her when we got back. Kind of weird to talk to so many people from sumoto these last two weeks. ok only two but it was good. I really hope that I can go strengthen the branch in Toyooka. I am excited to be working in a small branch and to get to know the member like i did in sumoto. I was able to really get to know the members here in kakogawa as well. There is just a different environment when you have such a tiny branch.
Saturday we got a call from a less active. She is the one with all the cats. She is also very sick and never really leaves the house. We have been trying to get her out this last transfer. Saturday she called and asked us to go to mcdonalds with her. It was so good to see her out. She was so happy and we had a good time. She has a really hard life. Her husband was really active and then something switched and he barely talks to her and is just always on the internet and getting mad at her. So it was good. She said she has been so happy we started visiting. She would go all day and not talk to anyone. I hope the elders can build a relationship with her. The members call her as much as they can but they cant visit at night because of the husband. Just need some extra help there. But we are trying to make plans for her to watch the womens conference in the middle of the day so she will have enough time to get back before he gets back from work. So hopefully we can do that this week.
Sunday was really cool. A lot of members came up and talked to us about some of the less active work we have done. A lot are with their daughters and sons. they just thanked us so much. One of them just had a baby. We met her in may and she was nice but not interested in the gospel. We got her a baby present a few weeks ago and went to just drop that off. She told her mom about and was surprised we remembered (senmin book strikes again). So that was good to hear that she was touched by it. Hakucho shimai (the member who is an awesome missionary) came to talk to us about transfers. She was just crying at the thought of one of us leaving. It will be hard when she finds out we are both leaving. But i know this is the lords plan and that he will take care of this ward. I love hakucho shimai and know she will carry the missionary work her so far. She is awesome.
Ok I will end with one funny story. I was talking to a sister in relief society and seeing if she was coming to the halloween party. She said she was not. I asked why and she gave the typical japanese im busy answer. So i asked if she liked halloween. She replied with a question. Do churches in american have ward halloween parties. I told her yes and explained trunk or treat to her. She just looked at me and said “matsujitsu seito iesu kirisuto kyoukai” meaning the church of jesus christ of latter day saints? I told her yes. She was so surprised. It was really funny. Ya i dont think she likes halloween.
Well I hope that you all have a great week! I love you all so much. I am so excited to be able to serve the Lord and to serve my last few weeks in Toyooka. I know there is a reason I am going there and that there are people there prepared to receive my companion, me and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I have loved getting to know everyone here in Kakogawa. I know that I have made eternal friends here and I know that the Lord will take good care of them. His plan is the best and only way! This work is the best work I could ever do. So much joy comes from it. I am glad that I am serving here in the JKM! I love you all and hope all the halloween preparations are done this week!
shelton shimai
Current shimai, Eri shimai, satomi shimai, me

Current shimai, Eri shimai, satomi shimai, me


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