Email June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014 11:57 PM
But don`t worry I am staying here in kakogawa! In fact our whole district is not transferring so we are pretty happy about it. Dad i know you would love to know. Ochoa shimai became a sister training leader. Unforunately not mine but that is ok. She will be great! My trainer goes home this week so that is weird. How time flies by. Gomez shimai is getting transfered so i wont see her as often but that is ok. I should see her at the meet the new mission president meeting the week of the fourth so that will by my fourth of july reunion this year. 

This week was really good. 
Tuesday was AWESOME. we went to visit on of the less actives we visit every week. They have been really busy these past few weeks but that day we were able to meet with him. He had a stroke a few years ago so he is partially paralyzed and it is hard for him to speak sometimes. That day was one of those sometimes. We felt that he wanted to take the sacrament again. So we asked and he did. WE told him we would talk to the bishop about it and let him know. Then we sat there and would ask him questions. He would reply in very short sentances. I felt impressed to tell him a few things. As I started more things came to mind. It was the coolest experience. I basically told him that heavenly father knows his situation. He knows where is heart is and is proud of him for wanting to take the sacrament. I told him that the Lord wants to help him and that he could recieve that through heartfelt prayer. That was just some of it. It was so cool. The spirit was so strong. We then shared 1 ne 11:22-23 with him. When we left he was smiling so big. It was so cool. As we talked about it later we both mentioned how he could not say much but we both felt we knew what he would say if he could. As we told each other what we thought it was the same things. I know that was Heavenly Father helping us know what this less active wanted to say so we could help him. It was awesome!
Then we went and cleaned more of Matt`s house. It has been good to be able to help him. He was really busy this week so we only got to talk for a few minutes but just being to help clean his kitchen is a good way to help him know we care about him and helps him out a lot. 
That night we had eikaiwa. It was one weather. We went through the vocab and had everyone act out what the vocab was. Our bishop was hilarious as he got really into it. It was good to get to know his personality a little bit more. 
Wed we taught another less active. He is 90 years old and has a hard time hearing. He doesnt know who God is so it is like teaching an investigator. So we just talked a little about God. That night we met with the Bishop to talk about the less active who wants the sacrament. We were able to make plans to go visit him together on Saturday. He was very appreciative of the work we did and he had to stop the meeting and him talking to us because it went so long and we had another lesson to teach. But we were able to work really well with him and were very appreciative for that. 
Then we taught our investigator more about God. We only got through half our lesson the previous meeting so we wanted to finish it. He remembered everything we taught about it which was awesome. This week we are going to teach prayer so he can pray about God`s image and start recieving answers that way. 
Thursday we went with the Relief Society President to meet some other less actives. She is very nice and works really hard. She took us out last month too and plans to take us out next month as well. It has been great getting so much support from her and the bishop. Then we went to do some more cleaning at matts. Then the Elders called us and needed us to come to their lesson because a member cancelled on them. So we cleaned up and ran over there. It was with a recent convert. She ended up giving us some referals so that was really cool. 
Friday we had district meeting in Akashi. It was fun. Then soon after we got back the elders called us again. Members cancelled on them again and they needed us to come to their lesson. It was with the investigator who got baptized on sunday so this was her last lesson before it. We went and helped her write her testimony that she shared on sunday. It was really cool to see how far she came this transfer as we have sat in on a few of her lessons. 
Saturday we went to the less actives house with the bishop. He was not home but his wife was. She said she was busy. So i asked if i wrote a scripture is she would give it to him. She said she would. So as i wrote slowly, the bishop was able to talk to her for a while.  They ended up talking about a lot of good things. It was cool to see the bishop jump in and just work with us. We were both very grateful for that visit. 
Sunday was the elders investigators baptism. It was awesome. She was so excited! The elders wanted us to start teaching her mom. The mom came up to us at the baptism and asked if we could teach her a lesson that day. So we taught her God that day. She was really excited about it and wants to learn about prayer. So we are going with her daughter on tuesday to teach her about prayer. After church, it was the mom`s birthday. The day before the member who referred the investigator getting baptized called us and asked if we knew how to make cake. Luckily mom had sent me pudding packets so we put it to use. The cream here is a little wierd but it tasted alright. They all loved the cake and it was great! So thank you for the package mom.!
Well I hope you all have a great week! I hope fathers day was good! I love you all!
shelton shimai

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