Email June 8, 2014

Sunday, June 08, 2014 11:40 PM

This week a lot happened. 


Monday we biked to a less actives house. He was not home but we got to go close enough to the ocean to smell it. I have missed the smell of the ocean and it was good. We got to see it off in the distance. Not a lot of sand beaches. Mostly water and on the land there is just a lot of factories. Kakogawa has a lot of factories. 


We visited another less active on Tuesday. He was really nice. He asked how the ward was doing and how the stake was doing. So we thought it was going good. He asked about members that he knew and how they were doing. It seemed that he missed the friends he once had. We asked if we could come back with some of them and he said no. He would not tell us his problem with the church but said that he had one. It was so sad to see the switch. Maybe in a few months the members he remembered can go visit him. Then we had to hurry back and change for service. This weeks service was cleaning a less actives house.  


That night we taught eikaiwa. After eikaiwa we played ping pong with all of the students. it has been a month since i have played ping pong but it was fun. There is one  person who was really good so this next week i will play him and see if i can win. 


Wednesday we biked a long way to visit some of the less actives farther away. It was raining and hot. The rain season is here and it is also very hot. But it is still managable. It was actually really fun to bike through some of the areas we had to go. We talked to one less active who let us in. We talked for about 20 minutes and then he had to leave. But his wife had us stay and look at her photos. She is not a member and does not have much interest in the church but likes talking to us. We stayed talking to her for an hour. That is the good thing about this new role. We get to spend time just building relationship so that we can build more trust. They tell us to take it slow and just try to reconnect friends with them. A active couple visit them every month so we are going to go back with them soon. 


Thursday we did more service at the less actives house. 


Friday the Elders called us and needed us to come help with a lesson because the members did not show up. So we ran to the church to help. Their investigator is getting baptized this sunday and she is awesome. They taught 2 ne 31 and she learned so much from the scriptures. It was cool to see her progression this transfer as we have helped them with a few lessons. We are excited for the baptism.  Then we went and visited another less active. He is 90 years old. he let us come right in and we just started talking. we did not have a lot of time at this point because we had a lesson we had to get back for. So we asked if we could help with anything. He told us that we could just stop by and talk. that is the best way to help him. His home teachers come every month and he tells us how happy that makes him. So we sent up an appointment for next week and are going back. That night we had a lesson with one of our investigators. We were focusing on God. Our goal  was to learn more about what he believes. It was good because we were able to learn a lot about his believes and the things that he is confused on. We are going to review God next time and help him understand the characteristic of God. 


Saturday was a little crazy. We had to go to Akashi for ZTM. We were running a little late and had to run to catch our train and barely made it. We had a great training and focused a lot on how we can better obtain the blessing of the atonement while we work. We focused a lot of the blue door power of the atonement (enabling power). We focused a lot on how we can see more miracles in each of our areas. The spirit was so strong. Then we had a break for lunch. I got to talk to Gomez shimai for a long time. It was good to catch more up with her. Then after lunch Zinke kaicho and shimai came for one last meeting before they leave. They are going around the mission saying their goodbyes to all the zones. We just sat and talked for about 90 minutes and then took pictures after. They go home at the end of the month. It will be sad to see them go but we are excited for President Welch. Zinke Kaicho has taught us all so much and I am very grateful to him. I know that we will be able to keep working hard with the next kaicho and the work will continue. Then we had to rush home to met some members we were going to go with to see some less actives. They told us to meet at a store called GU. I am used to being in the country where there is only one store in the city. Anyway ended up we went way farther than we needed to and we were at the wrong GU. So we went all the way back and met them at the train station. They were so nice about it. We went and visited them and had a  good meeting. After we had to run back by the train station because we were meeting Matt for dinner. He was performing a song and so we got to talk to him before he performed with a group. We shared a scripture with him and he just sat there thinking and then started reading some other ones. You could tell he was just really thinking. It was cool to see. 


Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament about missionary work and sharing it with your neighbors. I didnt know that one of the stake presidency councilor was going to be there so I got a little nervous when I saw that but it went great. I shared  moms conversion story with kathy. They all loved it and talked about it the rest of church. It was good. That night we went on another adventure to find a less actives house. We ended up not finding it but we got to go on a bridge only for bikes on the way. It was really cool and had a cool view. 


Anyway I love you all and hope you have a great week! Dad i hope you have a good birthday. And happy fathers day to everyone! 


I love you all

shelton shimai


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