Email 2-23-14

Monday, February 24, 2014 1:14 AM
Hey family!
this week was really good!
it started monday with cleaning the church with the members. We did a pretty deep clean so that was fun. I felt good and it looked a lot better after we were done. I think that is why something happened on sunday which i will explain when i get there.
tuesday we met a high school girl who had read the bible three times. she had just found a bible and decided to read it. she liked it so much and she read it two more times.  she was interested in our church and wanted to learn more. It was really cool because we just met her as we were biking by. I know that the Lord put her in our path and it was really cool to witness.
That night we taught english class. it was very interesting. we only had one students because everyone seemed to have something come up. the topic got on jackie chan and turned weird when she found out my companion liked him. she said he is not cool and that turned into a whole different discussion. It was very intertaining for me to just watch. The elders were teaching this week so they had to try to control it but they were laughing too. It was hilarious.
On Wed it was cool because our day was full on appointments. we taught in the morning, in the afternoon and we had a meeting with the branch mission leader that night. we were running in between appointments and trying to fit studying in between. It was a great day. We taught about prayer and we taught about the holy ghost. We helped make fliers for game night with the mission leader.
On thursday we had lunch with the 92 year old member again. She is so funny. She really is the glue in the branch here. We shared experiences and really grew together. It was so cool! later that day we stopped by one of our investigators to see how things were going. she just recieved an email that her 14 year old son will be going to utah county in aug to go to school for a year. she knew that is where i was from so she came in and wanted to know everything about it. It was really cool. It really helped build our relationship more. It will be fun when i get back to be able to see him. They dont know which school he will go to yet. they are now researching and trying to decide.
On friday we got news that Zinke kaicho wants us to spend the next two weeks just focusing on getting to know Christ better so that we can better rely on Him. In district meeting we talked about how to do that and it was amazing. I am so excited for these next two weeks! That night we met a man and his family. he sings opera. he sings with one of the members in the branch every week. He is opening a restaurant in 2 weeks that serves hawaiin food. my companion is hawaiin. anyway all these little coincidences. it was awesome. In 2 weeks we are going go listen to him and the member sing. It should be fun!
On Saturday we had game night. the girl we met on tues came. She even brought her bible. she wanted to show me her favorite passages. i think she had a different version than the king james but it was  interesting. It was really fun though. She wants to meet this thursday to learn more about our church. she also knew the one branch family that came so that was really cool to see. it had been a long time since she saw them and it made her really happy.
On sunday we had a  great relief society. the teacher got sick and couldnt come so the president asked us to give experiences on making hard decisions in life. we were all able to share experiences and really uplift each other. it was really cool and created so much more unity in the branch.
that night we were walking back to the church and a man came up and started talking to us. we asked if he wanted to take a tour of our church. he said sure. he came with us and we hurried and called the elders to meet us there. he said he wanted to learn more about what goes on there. we told the elders to exchange numbers and met with him this next week. It was really cool. it was the first time we did a tour with someone who had not been our investigator for a few weeks. it was really cool!
This next week is going to be awesome! Elder Whiting from the 70 is coming and we get to meet him on friday. We have a lot more lessons planned this week and more meeting with members to go visit the less active. I know that as we continue to strengthen our personal relationship with the Savior that we will be able to see more miracles happen here in sumoto!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
shelton shimai
on friday we also worked hard mapping out where all the less active live so we can visit them as we house near them. it took very long. i hate japanese addresses but it was worth it!Image

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