Email Jan 12, 2013

Sunday, January 12, 2014 11:09 PM
This week was really good. We saw a lot of miracles and it was a really uplifting week.
on Tues we went and farmed with a less active member. I was able to become better friends with her and her children. the little girl comes every week, is 7, and reads the book of mormon everyday . she has such good faith. then we had eikaiwa. it was really fun and all of the students stayed after to talk with us. we felt good that we are becoming friends with them.
On wed we went to a members house and did fhe with them. We played games with them and learned a lot more about the branch here. It was a great visit and the little girl reminds me so much of sarah. she does the hold still no eye contact mode. but also the loving mode and the crazy fun mode. it is really funny to see how close their personalities are.
On thursday we visited a member and had a good talk. after we went housing. we happened to run into someone who had heard of the church because they knew the member we just talked to. we were able to connect with them and set up a lesson for this next week. It is really cool to see how the lord guides us everyday even with these little things.
On friday we went to kobe for a zone conference. It was soo good. we played dodgeball for 2 hours. it was really funny because it was really intense and fun. afterward all of the missionaries were so sore including me. we all kept asking how it could be when we ride bikes for 8 hours a day up hills but i guess dodgeball is different muscles. it was pretty funny. Then we did a year review. our misison got over 200 baptisms last year and everything went up even though half of the missionaries are really new. so that was really cool to see and see that we are doing really good going into this new year. we have a goal of getting 2 people to stake conference in 3 weeks so i hope we can. it is expensive to go from sumoto to kobe for stake conference but i know that the lord can make it happen. the conference really helped to excite all of us for this next year.
on saturday we met this 2 year old who was running in the street. we felt we should take him to his house. come to find out his mom had left his for a few min as she had to go to work and the grandma was on her way. we sat for a few minutes and then grandma pulled up. we were able to talk to her and she was very grateful. we are going to go back this week to do our family english program. we didnt plan going down that street that day but we just did. it is the small things like this that reminds us that this is the lords work and his is guiding it. i am so grateful that i can be His servant.
on sunday more miracles happened. a lot of less active members came to church and 2 investigators came. It was really cool to see. we have been working really hard for that and it was good to see some results. they all had a good experience which i am glad for and the members are all excited to help us get people to stake conference in 3 weeks which i am extremely grateful for.
Well i hope you all are having a great week!
I love you
shelton shimaiImage
this is the picture of my companion and the little boy
the little girl sarahs age liked this pose and took a picture of it

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