Sunday, November 17, 2013 7:06 PM

Hey family,


So first of all I am getting transfered. I leave on thursday for Sumoto. It is not too far compared to the whole mission but will take a while to get there. I now will be in a companionship of three people larkin and ocha shimai. ochas shimais dad spoke in general conference. 


so monday we got to wear kimonos. it was so fun. it took 2 hours to put them on both of us. so much work. i don:t remember even a third of the events.  i will post pictures. 


wed in english class we played a debate game called spar. i teach the advanced class so they were able to do it for the most part. it was fun to see them have to think on their feet. they really liked being forced to do english so fast. it was fun. It will probably be the only debate thing i will get to do on the mission. It was fun to do again. 


thurs we went to go get crepes for one last time. i kinda knew i would be leaving tokushima. i actually guessed the zone and district i would be going to. we also got a hold of two of our investigators we have not been able to meet with this whole transfer. we are visiting both tomorrow so that was really exciting!


Friday was our last district meeting. we watched a movie of pictures of japan and sayings showing how the work is moving forward here in japan. It is absolutely fun to be apart of. I can really see the Lord hastening this work. It has been so fun and exciting to be apart of. I love being here, I love being a missionary, I love japan! 


Sat we visited someone from the area book. we have been visiting her for a while actually. we are becoming good friends and maybe later on she will start the lessons again. she stopped because she felt too much pressure but she says it is nice to talk to us. she gave us pizza. it had eggplant and hot dogs on it. Also corn they put corn on everything here. 


Sunday was my last sunday here in tokushima. I really love this branch and will miss it but i know i will love my new area as well. the branch mission leader had us over for dinner. They had me try some new japanese food for fun not for the dinner part. I got to try nato (fermented soy bean). look it up on youtube. it looks like snot. like when ron pulls his wand out of the trolls nose in the harry potter first movie. ya the texture is horrible. I also tried ume which is a japanese pear. it is the size of a blueberry. It is very spicy. not something i would order or buy at the store but it was good to try both of them. 


Sorry this letter is so short. I have a lot of packing to do because i have to send my luggage tomorrow morning! I am doing great and am excited for my last few days in tokushima and for my new area sumoto! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Thank you for all of your prayers!




shelton shimai


last district meetingImage


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