Sunday, October 06, 2013 10:41 PM
hey family

we got a transfer email today transfer day is thursday. i am staying in tokushima and still have the same trainer. only big news is our whole zone is now the same district so every fri we have to take a long train ride to takamatsu for district meeting. 
monday we ate with the same family again for fhe. we talked a lot about conferenece. they also talked a lot about japan. They have this old school way to calculate things before the calculator came out. the wife is doing it in one of the picures i will send. 
tues we did a lot of streeting. i would stop people and start the conversation and my trainer would slowly do a lot of the conversation part i couldn:t. also we went to eat at sushi roll. they had cheesecake like american cheesecake that day. it was sooooo good. 
wed we taught eikaiwa. they have a book that we teach out of. it was on travel that day. i did trash ball as a game. i would say a word in japanese they would write it in english on paper crumble it up and try to make it in the hoop. there was an older man there who would not crumple up the paper but fold it nicely into a square and try throwing it like a frisbee in. he actually made it in once. that day we also got indian food. it was good but even indian food here has egg in it. 
thurs we had a lesson with the lady who came to church. she said she desires eternal life which is good. i gave my first baptism invitation. she didn:t accept the date she thought it was too fast 6 weeks from now but she said maybe when she studies it more. we took her to look at the font. it was the coolest feeling to see her looking into it and be so curious. we also found mexican food this week. we bought a little most of it is pretty expensive and had tacos for lunch on friday. it was the best treat!
friday we had our last district meeting as a district. the only one leaving is the district leader and we will get one more missionary on thurs to replace him. but our district is no longer a district. there is a picture of us. 
sat. we found a potato boy vending machine. it give chips like pringles. but it comes in a box so its like a present. it was awesome. there is a picture of it. also we stopped by a bread shop that someone who comes to english class owns. it was so good. she likes misisonaries but her family is against it so she stopped lessons. we are just trying to be friends with her family now. it is really far from where we live though and on the way back it was pouring rain and my bike got a flat. we took it to the shop where we bought it and they filled it up with air and was said something about it but we didn:t understand what they were saying. finally we understood that they put stuff in it and just watch it carefully for a week. they were nice and it didn:t cost a thing. 
sunday was fast sunday here. we watch conferenece next week. anyway  a member who helped us with our lesson on thurs got up and said what a cool experience it was for her. that made us feel really good. we know the spirit was there and it was the best feeling. 
anyway i hope you all had a good conference weekend. i love you all and hope everything is good. I love you
love shelton shimai

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