Email on August 17, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013 1:10 PM
Hey family, 

This week was really long since we were waiting for our travel plans to come on friday. It was a great week though. I can’t believe that I only have a week and half left. I am so excited though! I sent a picture of my travel plan but I will also talk about them on friday since that was basically the only fun and exciting thing that happened that day.
Sunday for relief society the Primary general president came and spoke to us. She talked about how much of a difference sister missionaries can make. She shared a few experiences from when her husband was a mission president in WA DC. She even had he come up and say what he thought about sister missionaries. He got up and said they are the bomb. Then shared some experiences as well. It made me so excited to get out in the field and start meeting people. That nights fireside they had the person over missionaries speak again. He talked about the missionary purpose. 
Monday I played speed for gym. It was funny because we were able to play with the elders. I was sinking a lot of threes, and always made it to the final round. Everyone was so surprised it was great! Our teacher could tell that we needed to have a little break that day. So he decided to spend some time telling us stories about Japan. Ok it was the majority of class time but it made us get all excited again and ready to push forward. He told us about food, some of his investigators. There was one who was coming to church but not really progressing. They arrived early to church one day and they set up chairs while the investigator sat and read his scriptures. When the elders came to sit by him afterward he said he wanted to get baptized and bore testimony of what he had just read. It was fun to hear the stories and know that I will be experiencing stories like that in just a few weeks. 
On Tues Richard G Scott came to talk to us for the devotional. It was absolutely amazing! He talked about how we need to have more sincere prayers. He was so sincere in his talk and it really made it feel so personal. He talked about how we need to tell him everything and how we should want to tell him things we would want to tell our best friend. It was a very emotional talk. He told us toward the end of the talk that he could feel his wife right next to him. It is amazing that she passed away 20 years ago. He expressed how thankful he was that she is permitted to be with him when he speaks. When he was walking out afterward he yelled Be Good. WE all laughed. Then he said he hopes that we feel lots of love coming our way. He stopped multiple times to just look at all of us and wave. He truly is amazing. 
After the devotional we took a walk around the Marriott center to look at the sunset. We then took a slow walk back to campus just enjoying the view (no not of tds campus, the view of the sunset, mnt timp, and utah lake). It is crazy to think that I only have one more week to look at these and then won’t see them again for 16 months. It is making me appreciate them more. However, I am excited to see how beautiful Japan is!
Wed we got to skype a bishop from Kobe. Unfortunately the video was not working (sometimes I really hate these computers). It was funny because we were supposed to get to know him and teach a lesson in 40 minutes. Because we didn’t have video we didn’t realize we were teaching his whole family until almost the end when a little kid spoke up. We were able to learn that he was 7 and was getting ready to be baptized soon. I told them about Garrett getting baptized at the end of this month and we talked about that until the time ran out. I also found out that someone I knew from Lone Peak is serving in their ward as the missionaries right now. It was cool to hear how he was doing from the bishop. 
Thursday I used Garrett getting baptized again in our lessons. It was good because it led to a good conversation about baptism. We now have dates for baptism. A week from today. Although it is just our teachers it is still very exciting and special. I really can’t wait to get to japan!
Ok Friday. Travel Plan day! So I leave Tues Aug 27. Half of my district is going to Tokyo South and they leave Monday Morning Aug 26. We still have class on the 26 so it will be weird not having them there. I am on the same flight as the debater who came in with me though so that is exciting. I got my travel plans the same time I got the announcement of Garrett getting baptized. I don’t think I could have been more excited than receiving those at the same time. The picture of me hold both was later that night so I look a little tired and annoyed the sister taking my picture took it a billion times haha. Mom as for the phone. I asked the Branch President in an email we send every tues. He said he recommends a phone card because it is cheaper. He didn’t say if it was allowed or not. I heard a sister who left 3 weeks ago from my branch had on and just tossed it afterward. So I am assuming it is ok. I am going to ask him in person tomorrow though and jump on real fast and send you an email confirming that it is ok. By the way, I am sending a picture of my  travel plans. I can call before I get on the plane to slc or while I am in seattle. When works best for you? If neither time works that is ok I can call someone else in the family I am sure. Let me know. Also let me know what number you want me to call (your cell, the home, etc). 
I love you all so much. I am glad to hear everyone had fun camping last weekend. Good luck to all the kids going to school this next week. I miss you!
Shelton Shimai

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