Email from Steph 7-27-13



Stephanie Shelton []
 Linda Shelton 
Saturday, July 27, 2013 12:57 PM
So funny story. Right before I came to write you I met your student that came in on the same day as me and went on the trip to capital reef with you. He wanted to write you so I hope you don’t mind me giving him your info. He said you were one of his favorite teachers. We met because he went to school with one of the other sisters in my district.
Also look up McConkies april 1975 conference talk about sacrifice and consecration. It answers your question about how they are different.
This week went by really fast. My companion and district are well. In a week from Monday we become the oldest Japanese missionareis here so we are all working hard because we don’t know enough to be the ones people come ask questions to yet. It did happen fast.
That is funny story about monica sarah and olivia. it sounds like all three of them. how is soph doing? is she walking or talking yet?
kyler does have an amazing imagination. I can just picture his face telling you that. it made me laugh.
how is ranae doing? i’ve heard the tingling sometimes goes numb. what are the doctors saying? is more of her hair falling out? i hope the doctors will be able to find our what it is and help.
You definately have to think differently in japanese. it is a subject object verb language. they also use more passives than we do. it is such a polite and formal language because that is the culture. the more polite you are the longer and comples the sentece becomes. it gets really complicated really fast. one reason the language has so many different alphabets is because they created a new alphabet for all the foreign words that came to japan. this alphabet is katakana. the chiense inflensed japan a lot so they ahve the chienese characters adn usually have similar meanings but are said differentely. as for words and translation there are words that don’t ranslate exaclty into english and visa versa. They don’t have any way to say I hope you are doing well or I hope you are having fun etc. I don’t have a lot of examples from japanese to english yet because we mostly use religious words and sentence structures and are kinda left up to learn more cultural things by ourselves.
Those are not the socks. I wanted the ones that don’t have a top so my socks don’t show and i need more dress up ones. Its not a big deal so don’t worry about it. Thank you for trying though It means a lot. Oh when you talk to grandma today tell her to tell chery I sent her an email or I will after this so that she knows it is not spam:)
Anyway I hope all is well and that you have a good week! I hope you get to enjoy of few weeks off before your fall semester starts.
Love you and miss you,
Shelton shimai

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