Email Nov 24, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014 12:49 AM
Well this is crazy! almost my last email. I dont go to the mission home until tuesday so I will write a quick email next week. We are planning to go see a really famous land bridge for the last preparation day so hopefully that will work out. If we dont have much time i will write when mom picks me up on wed night! So crazy how time flies by. I swear i was just getting off the plane….. well enough of that. 

This week was really crazy. We went to kobe twice. One for zone conference and one for splits. It was fun but took soo much time! Monday we went to takeda jo. It was beautiful and we had a lot of fun. We spent monday night in kobe so we hiked it with all our overnight stuff. It was a blast!
Tuesday we had zone conference. It was awesome. I will tell you all more about it later but we focused a lot of the book of mormon! I really like the challenge we have going on right now. I am learning a lot. We have seen a lot of miracles as we have been focusing more on it and following the direction of the mission president. It has been amazing!  I got to bear my testimony since it was my last one. I bore it on learning what i can do with the lord during my mission. Truly amazing to see all the miracles. I love this work.
Wednesday we were really busy. We taught our investigator who is preparing for baptism. She is doing amazing. She says she believes in Christ and God. Her faith always surprises us. She also truly desires eternal life. I have never had an investigator desire as much as she does. She is willing to do anything for it and always talks about it. So cool! We also taught a less active member. She told us she has never recieved an answer from God and thought she worked hard to recieve one so she does not know if he exists because of it. We were able to talk a lot about it and she wants us to keep coming back. Hopefully we can help you recognize and recieve an answer. She is really awesome! We had an appointment to see her but our other lesson went a little late. So we were late there but come to find out she was late. We got there and she was not there. As we went back to our bikes she pulled in. So I know that was a sign that we were supposed to teach her and help her.
Thursday I went to kobe with Mason shimai and takahashi shimai for splits. We only had about half a day to work because of travel times. But it was really fun. We had a lot of energy and got to talk to a lot of different people. I have been so lucky to have such great leaders.
Saturday we taught a recent convert. She has been having a hard time learning form the book of mormon. So we went in with the intent to read a chapter with her and help her learn from it. The lesson changed a bit. Instead of reading we talked things just kind of developed. At the end we asked her to share her favorite scripture with a member at church and have a discussion on what she liked about it and what the members liked. She ended up asking 3 members and they had a big study group together. She texted us that night to tell us about it and was so excited about it. It was soooo cool to see. I think it will help her start learning from it, see that she is learning from it, and help the members learn and study it more too. That lesson was really guided by the spirit!
We taught the investigator preparing for baptism as well. We finished lesson 3. She said she wants to follow the gospel of jesus christ so she can get eternal life. She came to church and had a really good time. She even stayed after and talked with members for about an hour. It was so cool to see. She is doing great and i cant wait to see her baptism next month!
I love this work and am so glad i could come here to be the Lords servant and serve him. I have never felt greater joy then helping Gods children come unto him. I love you all with all my heart! I cant wait to share all my stories with you! I hope you have a great week and a great thanksgiving! I know the thing i am most grateful this week is to have another week serving the Lord and being a part of this work! I truly do love it!
shelton shimaimore takeda jo!
More takeda jo!

Email Nov 16, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014 8:42 PM
today we have to go to kobe because we have a conference tomorrow. We are going to see takeda jo on the way so we dont have much time to email. The branch also stole my sd card for the week so no pictures this week sorry. I have a old one for todays pictures. They are planning to do a slide show of my pictures and a surpise party on my last sunday. They are so nice. Yes ranae i even find out stuff when people speak a different language.  they just cant surprise me. But i am practicing my surprise face dont worry.
This week was good. We had a lot of lessons that got canceled and some of investigators got really busy and did not read. But some of them still made time for a  lesson so that was good. Misa chan,a less active,started progressing this week. She even came to seminary! The teacher asked who would like to share a spiritual thought and her hand shot up. She told us that her nonmember mom told her to go to seminary. So that was cool to hear about!I feel we were able to build better relations with her.
We had another cool experience with another less active. We visited her last week and made an appointment to come introduce ourselves this week. It went really well. At first we just talked and got to know her. Then she sent into the gospel topics herself and told us how she felt so good after her baptism that she could not help but say hello to everyone. She said when she would come to church she would feel the same way. But then when she would come home she did not feel that good feeling. It would go away. She said it was hard to come home after feeling so good and not to feel that.  She told us that talking to us she could feel it again. She connected it herself the the spirit. We were able to make another appointment for next week. Hopefully we can get her to feel the spirit on her own soon. So she can do things to feel that good feeling when she comes home from church.
We met a great person housing. She has a lot of interest and we are going to teach her on wednesday. We spent about 40 minutes talking to her and testifying about gopsel principles when it would come up. She believes in God which is good. Her image of God is a little different but she has a lot of potential we are excited for that.
Our investigator who is preparing for baptism is progressing really well. We asked her if she believes in Heavenly Father and she said yes. We asked her why and she said when she thinks about it, it just feels good. So she believes it. When she tells us about her prayers she just has the biggest smile on her face. It is so cool to see. She prays everyday before she goes to sleep and she says everytime she prays she feels good. She went to visit her family in Kyoto this weekend and because of train times she was not able to make it back for church. But it was good that she tried to come. I think she will be able to come this next week. We taught her faith this week and she really liked it. It is really cool to teach her and see her get excited about the gospel.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
if you have any questions about the trip or need my attention next week put them in caps or something. A member wants to take us out so i dont know how much time i will have! sorry this transfer has been quick emails but i will catch you all up soon enough! Love you!
shelton shimai

Email Nov 9, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014 12:24 AM
This week was really cool! We had a lot of cool things happen. This work really is the best!

Tuesday we went to go see a pi. She was not home. As we left we passed by this community building type thing and we heard really cool music. The door was open and they were playing taeshogoto. It is a japanese harp. We waited until the song ended and then went and asked if we could listen. They said please! it made their day to play for us. They played two songs. They had someone recording them. As we were recording them we realized that the guy started to just film us. At the end he asked questions like why we came and why we are here in japan. We were able to tell them more about missionaries and our message. He was still filming so that was pretty cool. As we left all the ladies came to the window to see us go and wave goodbye. It made there day that we wanted to listen. It was really cool.

Wednesday we got a new investigator! she is 21 and has 2 children under tha age of 2 (one is like 20 months and the other is 4 months). It is kind of crazy to think about. She is my age and has 2 kids already. But she is awesome. She really cares about her family and has really thought about how to be a good mom and what happens after this life. As we testified about how to get answers to those and talked a little about eternal life the spirit was so strong. She is awesome! Then we went and did some housing. We went to go see a pi and we did the house next to her instead of hers. But we were for sure it was hers. i know there was a purpose for that. This lady had meet with missionaries before and had a book of mormon but stopped. she was nice and talked a lot. We were able to share parts of 3 ne 11 with her. It was cool to just share the book of mormon on the door step. The spirit came so strong. She still had no interest. we asked if we could come again and she said she goes to tokyo a lot so she does not have time. I felt like i should show her a picture of the temple. So i gave her a temple pass along card and asked if she has ever seen it in tokyo. She got really interested in it and wanted to know where it was and if she could go take pictures of it etc. We told her she can look it up on the website and find directions how to get there. she still did not want to meet with us again but maybe she will go see what the temple looks like in person and something will come out of it. It was really cool to see her change all of a sudden and have some interest.
We also taught a recent convert who went less active but is active again. We are finishing all her AB lessons now. She just went to the temple a few weeks ago so we heard about her experience. She talked about how it was so cool to come home and see everyones environment change. they were all a lot happier. it was cool. We taught about the priesthood and shared a scripture in dc 107 talking about how the aaronic priesthood is the power of ministry angels. It made me think about how eric will be having that soon. He is getting so old. Kind of crazy to think about.

Friday we went to ztm. it was awesome. We have this new challenge to finish the book of mormon by feb and just highlight things about christ. I am way excited about it! our zone leaders had everyone who is going home get up and bear our testimonies. It was a really cool experience to stand there and be able to bear my testimony about the book of mormon after we had talked a lot about it. I know that it is the word of God and that we can grow closer to God by reading it. I have found so many answers to my questions through the book and I have recieved a lot of comfort from it. What a blessing to have it in our lives. That night we visited a former investigator. She wanted to get baptized but her parents were against it. We eneded up talking a lot to her parents and had a great time. Her dad ran inside and grabbed food and gave it to us and said because he had a good time. So hopefully we can start teaching her again and show the parents the importance of the gospel.

Sunday we taught the girl who is preparing for baptism. It is awesome to see her desire for eternal life. we watched the restoration and she is praying to see if it is true. We have a lesson again with her tonight so we will see how that goes. She is excited. She prays everyday and says every time she prays she feels really warm. As she told us this she had the biggest smile on her face. It was so cool to see. I am so blessed to be here and be able to teach her!

Well i hope you all have a great week! I love you!

Happy birthday to ricky this week!

shelton shimai

the moon! we did planning outside this week. so fun! and we had this view!P1010999